This will be the first in a new series of posts I’m very descriptively calling WHERE ARE THEY NOW? I’ll be reaching out to couples whose weddings I’ve photographed and asking them how married life has been since the wedding.

First up is Kate and Dan. They were married on April 6, 2013. Prepare to “awwwwww.”

From Kate:

From Moorestown, New Jersey to Bordentown, New Jersey; sounds like we didn’t go very far, but we’ve been in a lot of places in between. After Dan’s and my failed attempt to move to England (tl;dr: applying for a British visa ain’t no joke), we have visited England four times, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Qatar, South Africa, Iceland, and Quebec City together. And that’s only in the past three years. We’re freakin’ jet setters. And we can’t get enough of it.

Between flying off to other countries together (and sometimes separately), moving entirely way too much, and finding careers that fit our lifestyles, one might wonder when a couple such as us would expand our family. I can happily announce that as of last June, Dan and I came home with two handsome boys, Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart. Ian is an orange tabby that is a bundle of love and Patrick (aka Paddy Caddy) is nearly all white with patches of orange and thinks he’s smarter than us. They share the same coloring in their tails and it’s so cute, most days I can’t stand it.

The answer to what has kept us together for nearly twelve years is pretty simple: We love each other. A stupid amount. We also respect each other, lust each other (no, that wasn’t a typo), and trust each other implicitly. We’re a “please” and “thank you” couple. We each pull our own weight around the house and support one another. And if we ever feel like something is off-balance, we talk it out-- one of the many benefits of a mental health counselor wife and a cool-as-a-cucumber husband.

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