Kate (Eric’s sister) and Amanda first met when they were about 12 years old. At that time, Kate (and her twin sister Jess) would have sleepovers and parties and the like, which of course Amanda was invited to. It was during one of those parties that Amanda first met Eric and he clearly left an impression.

Fast forward twenty years; Amanda is at work and this tall guy with a head of curly hair keeps catching her eye. At first, she didn’t think anything of it. He was just another customer. But then then it popped into her head: “I think that might be Eric!”

As one does in the 21st century, Amanda reached out to him on Facebook and asked if it was in fact him that she had seen.

One thing led to another and they had a lunch date set up.

Many roller coaster rides, beach outings, dinner dates, and horror movie marathons later, Eric proposed to her on a pier in Atlantic City overlooking the ocean.

They are the definition of love. Eric has shown time and time again that he is there for her through thick and thin. They hope to buy a house in 2017, and as all newlyweds do, fall more and more in love as the years go by.

It was windy, drizzly, and 20 degrees out.
Best light.
Groom and his mom.
The mirrorball provided some great reflected light.
Not sure what's happening here but I like it.
This guy had all the moves.
Selfie with the Twins.