I plan to update this post regularly, but here's what I have to start with!

Dinner Date, at an Igloo?

Winters in DC are pretty awful. I hate the cold, and if you do too, you can have dinner in an INSULATED IGLOO at The Watergate Hotel. I haven't been yet, but it's on my to-do list.

Imbibe Coffee as You Explore the Meridian Hill Park

First, you should grab your coffee from the nearby La Colombe (draft lattes ftw).

THEN go to Meridian Hill Park. It's super nice and I've photographed many proposals there (wink wink). There's a long, cascading fountain and if you're lucky, one of the many dogs at the park will greet you :)

Also, Sunday afternoon is a great time to visit if you want to check out the drum circle.

Cruise Down the Potomac

The Odyssey Dinner Cruise is pretty romantic. Enjoy the views of the monuments and live music. It departs from Georgetown so you can walk around the waterfront after dinner.

Discover the Wharf

The Southwest Waterfront is home to the Wharf. It's relatively new (opened up a few years ago).

There are a ton of restaurants (20+) with as well as the Maine Avenue Fish Market, where you can enjoy a...Mouth-watering Maritime Meal (sorry...) And fried fish. I love fried fish.

After dinner, you can walk around, get some ice cream, and enjoy the pier or fire pits.

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