What’s one of the most romantic times to propose to your signifcant other? Did you guess Halloween? Well, you’re wrong.

It’s Christmas. Rather, Christmas Eve Morning.

Chris and I (yes, his name was Chris as well, meaning he is awesome) planned the details a few weeks out. We were worried it would be frigid, but it ended up being in the 50s.

It took me a bit longer to deliver the photos than my normal 5 days because I came down with a (thankfully mild) case of COVID.

ANYWAY, here’s the proposal at the Lincoln Memorial on on the morn’ of Christmas Eve.

I’m Chris and I’m a Washington DC wedding photographer. My mission is to capture bold, modern, and distinctive photos for unconventional couples. I want to make you look epic, awesome, amazing, beautiful, and dapper – all the things you like and none of the things you don’t. Most importantly, I want to capture what makes you you.

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