Options for Engagement Photo Outfits

Here we are...the question most people find challenging. You need ideas for engagement session outfits! It's easy for wedding photography, you just wear a dress or a suit. But for engagements, there are so many choices and yet, in the end, you can't seem to find the perfect outfit. Here are some tips to help you choose clothing.

And I totally get it - I'm horrible at fashion myself.

Luckily, my super extensive (very super and very extensive) experience has taught me a lot about using color palettes, styles, and patterns. And now, here's the answer to one of my most commonly asked questions.

Trust Your Own Style

Prioritize above all else wearing something you feel comfortable in. If you are wear something that feels right for you, you'll see that on camera. Casual outfits, semi-formal or formal - whatever works for you!

Consider the Season

What about summer engagement photo outfits? Summers in gton DC are super hot and humid so my recommendation here would be to choose breathable fabrics. Consider cotton, rayon, linen, etc; Also, in terms of colors, light tones are great because you'll keep cool, but slightly darker tones will hide sweat. Tricky decision there. I say to go for something in between : )

DC Gay Engagement Session on the National Mall

What about fall engagement photo outfits? Go for cozy. Think tones would contrast well with the color-changing leaves. Whites, creams, desaturated colors. Nothing to bold! We don't want to overshadow the autumn ambience.

What about winter engagement photos? Darker colors will provide a nice contrast if the leaves are gone and chilly, especially if there happens to be snow. Throw on a stylish warm statement coat and you will see how one piece can define the entire outfit with "chic elegance" (never thought I'd say that....)

A Lincoln Memorial proposal photography session on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

How about spring? DC can be chilly or warm in the springtime so I recommend bringing a light jacket just in case.

Don’t Match, Complement Each Other

Engagement outfits that match are...not ideal. Try to choose different colors (generally solid color) and/or avoid similar patterns.

Have Two or More Outfits

Variety is key! Bring a jacket or scarf to spice things up. You can also bring an entirely different outfit!


It's not just about the clothes! Bring some different jewelry, watches, etc. It can change the entire look. Socks, earrings, necklaces, maybe scarves for the Fall or Winter - some hats if you're a hat person (I am not).

Don’t Forget to Empty Your Pockets!

Phones, keys, anything, really. Get them out of your pockets! Otherwise, you'll likely see pocket bumps in your photos. Of course, I'm happy to hold them during the session (your phone and keys, not your pockets!) I've yet to lose anything :)

Bring Comfy Footwear

Another tip is to bring some comfortable footwear. We'll likely be walking around a lot so heels...might not be the best. Think "stylish yet comfy" or better yet, bring some athletic shoes and switch into the fashionable ones when we're taking photos.

No Need to Buy New Engagement Photo Outfits

Do you have clothes that make you feel confident, handsome, beautiful, relaxed, and just good to be in your own skin? Then by all means go for that, no need to scout for the newest trends in stores. When it comes to photography it is always about candid and natural portrayal and nothing looks better in photos than confidence.


Wear clothes you like. In the end, it is all about you two (and getting comfortable in front of the camera for your wedding day). The aesthetic is only one part of the equation. Remember, if you're not comfortable, you won't look comfortable. Relax! I'll help out with some amazing dad jokes to lighten the mood, and give you general direction to help you look your best.

I'm Chris and my mission is to capture bold, modern, and distinctive photos for unconventional couples. I want to make you look epic, awesome, amazing, beautiful, and dapper – all the things you like and none of the things you don’t. Most importantly, I want to capture what makes you you.

If this sounds like you and your partner, I’d love to chat! Please reach out to me regarding availably and pricing. You can also e-mail me at chris@chrisferenzi.com.