Mike and Tommy were married at in a Quaker ceremony at Friends Meeting of Washington in the Dupont Circle Neighborhood of Washington, DC.

Quaker weddings, also known as Friends' weddings, are unique ceremonies that reflect the values and beliefs of the Quaker faith. In a Quaker wedding, there is no clergy member or officiant. Instead, the couple exchanges their vows and rings in the presence of their loved ones, who act as witnesses. The ceremony is typically held in a Quaker meetinghouse, which is a simple, unadorned building that reflects the Quaker belief in simplicity.

The wedding ceremony itself is characterized by silence and introspection. The couple sits together in silence for a period of time, during which anyone present can speak if they feel moved to do so. The purpose of this silence is to allow the couple and their loved ones to reflect on the meaning and significance of the marriage.

When the couple is ready, they exchange their vows and rings. This is typically done in a simple, straightforward manner, with the couple speaking directly to each other. The vows are often personalized and reflect the couple's values and intentions for their life together.

Quaker weddings are notable for their emphasis on equality and inclusivity. Unlike traditional weddings, there is no distinction between the bride and groom, and same-sex couples are welcome to have a Quaker wedding. Additionally, the focus on simplicity and introspection can make for a deeply meaningful and reflective ceremony.