Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, and it's only natural to want to share it with the ones you love most - including your four-legged friends. If you're a dog owner, you may be considering having your furry friend be a part of your big day. But before you start browsing doggy tuxedos or flower collars, there are a few things to consider.

Pros of Having Dogs at Weddings

  1. Adorable Photo Opportunities - Dogs can add a lot of charm and cuteness to your wedding photos. Many couples love the idea of having their furry friend present in their engagement or wedding photos.
  2. Emotional Support - Your dog is likely a beloved member of your family, and their presence on your wedding day can provide emotional support and comfort.
  3. Unique Touch - Having a dog at your wedding can be a unique and memorable touch that reflects your personality and interests.
  4. Doggy Ring Bearer - Some couples choose to have their dog carry the wedding rings down the aisle, which can be a fun and meaningful way to involve your furry friend in the ceremony.

Cons of Having Dogs at Weddings

  1. Venue Restrictions - Not all wedding venues allow dogs, so it's important to check with the venue ahead of time. Even if dogs are allowed, there may be restrictions on where they can go or how long they can stay.
  2. Distractions - Your dog may become distracted or disruptive during the ceremony or reception, particularly if there are other animals or a lot of people present.
  3. Logistics - Having a dog at your wedding requires some logistical planning. You'll need to make sure your dog is comfortable and safe, has access to food and water, and has a designated person to take care of them throughout the day (consider Katie at Paw Inclusive, a former wedding photographer, to help with this!)
  4. Allergies and Fears - Some of your guests may have allergies to dogs or be afraid of them, which can cause discomfort and stress.

Tips for Having Dogs at Weddings

If you do decide to have your furry friend present on your wedding day, here are a few tips to make sure things go smoothly:

  1. Make sure your dog is well-behaved and comfortable around people and other animals.
  2. Assign a trusted friend or family member to take care of your dog during the ceremony and reception (again, Paw Inclusive!)
  3. Have your dog attend the rehearsal so they can get used to the venue and surroundings.
  4. Make sure your dog is well-exercised before the wedding day to help them stay calm.
  5. Have a backup plan in case your dog becomes overwhelmed or stressed and needs to be taken home.

Having dogs at weddings can be a fun and meaningful way to include your furry friend in your special day. However, it's important to weigh the pros and cons and make sure you're prepared for the logistics and challenges that come with having a dog at your wedding. With careful planning and consideration, you can create a memorable and heartwarming wedding day that includes all of your loved ones, both human and canine.